How to become a palliative care certified nurse?

It is a method to become an approved nurse of palliative care.
First of all, I have acquired a regular nurse license, three years out of five years of practical experience is in a specialized field
Experience is a condition.
The specialized field refers to working in a hospital where many patients who receive palliative care are hospitalized or practicing in home care
I have experience.

In the workplace, there are things that I’ve been in charge of more than five cases of patients aggressively palliative care until death
It is one of the conditions.

Because we can not receive training if we do not apply to the condition for receiving certified nurse’s training
It is necessary to confirm whether the workplace where I am currently working matches the conditions.

And after receiving the training for about 6 months, those who passed the certification exam became sunny and qualified as palliative care certified nurse
You can get it.