How to become an emergency nursing certified nurse?

It is a method to become an emergency nursing certified nurse.
First of all, we have to acquire a regular nurse’s license.
Besides this, 3 years with 5 years of practical experience are available at the emergency site
Being on duty is a condition.

Emergency situations are emergency outpatient and ICU.
In cases other than this, there are cases that are not recognized as specialized fields.
Therefore, you need to check if your place of work is recognized as a specialized field.

And it is necessary to receive more than 615 hours of training in the designated educational institution in about 6 months.
Besides lessons, there are practical training etc in the training.
After passing the written exam to become an accredited nurse, if it passes, it will be sunny and become an emergency nursing certified nurse
You can do it.

After getting qualified as an emergency nursing certified nurse, it is necessary to renew every 5 years.