Ghana Country Report

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Country Reports
Sarah Brierley

The Fourth Republic of Ghana was inaugurated on 7th January 1993, following eighteen years
of military rule under the leadership of Flight Lt. J. J. Rawlings. The transition to multi-party democracy had been publicly approved by national referendum in 1992 in which the overwhelming majority of voters (93 percent) approved the new Constitution. Following a disputed introductory presidential election, won by the incumbent Rawlings with 58 percent of the national vote, the main opposition party pulled out of the parliamentary elections that followed. Aside from the electoral dispute, Ghana’s transition to multi-party democracy was smooth, and the opposition soon entered into a dialogue with the government under the supervision of the Inter-Party Advisory Committee. Since 1992 Ghana has made substantial democratic progress, holding progressively free and fair elections every four years, and witnessing two successful democratic alterations of power in 2000 and 2008.

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