Payment and holidays of emergency nursing certified nurses

After obtaining certification nurse qualifications for emergency nursing, you will be concerned about salary and holidays.
Many workplaces that acquire emergency nursing certified nurses work often have workplaces that require certified nurses
So, there are many places where qualification allowance is available.

The amount varies depending on the hospital, but it is around 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen.

However, it is the number of night shifts that becomes a problem after obtaining certified nurse.
Since it is also a business to do guidance and consultation etc. to the staff, compared to before qualification acquisition
The possibility that the number of night shift will be reduced is very high.

For that reason, the possibility that your salary will be reduced in some cases is very high.

Regarding holidays, you can take certified nurses as they are before you get it,
Even on holidays, we have to study materials at the study group so we have to study at home as well.