Points for successful career change for nurses accredited by emergency nursing

It is a point to make a successful job change after acquiring qualification of emergency nursing certified nurse.

First of all, please think about whether you would like to take advantage of the qualifications of certified nurses even at your career destination.

Depending on your workplace, there are sites that do not have qualifications of certified nurses and sites that do not.
In the case of workplaces not requiring certified nurses, there is no qualification allowance even if they have qualifications as certified nurses.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the qualifications of certified nurses, you need to find a workplace that is recruiting nurses who are emergency nursing care.
There are workplaces where we are recruiting emergency nursing certified nurses even in workplaces other than ICUs and emergency outpatient departments.
Even in emergency situations the nursing policy will vary from workplace to workplace.
Please check whether the nursing policy matches yourself before entering the company.