Journal Articles
Description Author(s) Year
Party unity and presidential dominance: parliamentary development in the fourth republic of Ghana Sarah Brierley 2012
Presidential and parliamentary elections in Malawi, May 2009 Kimberly Smiddy and Daniel J. Young 2009
Parliaments and the enhancement of democracy on the African continent: An analysis of institutional capacity and public perceptions Lia Nijzink, Shaheen Mozaffar and Elisabete Azevedo 2006
Books and Chapters
Description Author(s) Year
Legislative Power in Emerging African Democracies Joel D. Barkan 2009
Kenya’s Tortuous Path to Successful Legislative Development Joel D. Barkan and Fred Matiangi 2009
Parliaments and the Enhancement of Democracy on the African Continent: An Analysis of Institutional Capacity and Public Perceptions Lia Nijzink, Shaheen Mozaffar and Elisabete Azevedo 2009
Parliament and the Electoral System: How Are South Africans Being Represented? Lia Nijzink and Jessica Piombo 2005
Country Reports
Description Author(s) Year
Botswana Country Report Dr Kaelo Molefhe and Dr Bashi Mothusi 2013
Senegal Country Report Ismaila Fall 2012
ALP Zimbabwe Country Report John Makamure 2012
Benin Country Report Mathias Hounkpe and Shana Warren 2012
Interim Burkina Faso Country Report Augustin Loada 2011
Interim Mali Country Report Moumouni Soumano 2011
Nigeria Country Report Peter M. Lewis 2011
Kenya Country Report Joel D. Barkan and Fred Matiangi 2010
Ghana Country Report Sarah Brierley 2010
Interim Lesotho Country Report Tim Hughes 2010
Namibia Country Report Monica M.C. Koep 2009
Mozambique Country Report Elisabete Azevedo 2008
Zambia Country Report Shana Warren 2008