What is an emergency nursing certified nurse?

Certified nurse of emergency nursing is a nurse who not only rescues life survival
We will provide spiritual support to patients and their families.
Also, in order to ensure life saving with accurate judgment regarding lifesaving,
We will practice nursing skills, give guidance to nurses, and consult.

Professional knowledge to enhance the quality of emergency nursing, save lives of many patients, and mental care
It becomes important.
In order to acquire that knowledge and skills, after about 6 months of training, you get certified nurse qualification.

Education of emergency nursing certified nurses is being held at six places throughout the country.
That place,
· Japan Nursing Association
· Osaka Prefectural Nursing Association
· Aomori Prefectural Health University
· Aichi Medical University
· Japan Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing
· Kagawa Prefecture Nursing Association
It is.