What is the role of palliative care certified nurse?

The role of palliative care nurse is roughly divided into three.
One will care to relieve pain.
Mental support not only for physical suffering but also for the patient himself and his / her family is important.
It is very important not only to use medicines, but also to communicate well enough to observe the state of the whole body.

The second is instruction to the staff.
In order to raise the quality of nursing, I teach everyone the knowledge I have learned as certified nurse.
In addition to on-site practice, we will provide guidance on how to care for patients who feel pain in study sessions etc.

The third one is consultation.
To the fact that the patient and his / her family are suffering from the nurses themselves for healing and mental stabilization even a little
It is also to give advice to you.

With this, the skill of the nurse himself also goes up.